Street trees are welcomed by residents to Hallam Street in Marylebone

Hallam Street before and after the young trees arrive

On Friday, 5th June at 12.30 p.m., Matthew Wright, TV presenter, of  FIVE.TV, will plant a Chanticleer pear tree in Hallam Street, London W1, following which a plaque is to be unveiled by The Deputy Lord Mayor of Westminster, Councillor Alan Bradley. The event is expected to attract great interest in the neighbourhood.   Meeting point – 10 Weymouth Street.

This ceremony marks the completion, in Hallam Street,  of Phase 1 of the W1W Tree Planting Initiative – a partnership between the local community (residents, residents’ associations and businesses), Westminster Tree Trust and Westminster City Council.

Residents and businesses in W1W have sought to improve their local area, and are delighted with the striking positive change that these trees have brought already to Hallam Street.

As a further part of the Initiative,  more tree plantings are proposed in the W1W area as follows, subject to survey/permissions:

  • Phase 2 – proposed (2009/10 ):  Stretch of Weymouth Street from Great Portland Street to Marylebone High Street
  • Phase 3 – proposed (2010/11): New Cavendish Street, Devonshire Street and Great Portland Street

Westminster Tree Trust is a registered charity, run entirely by volunteers, focusing on improving the green environment in Westminster by the planting of trees, and thereby to encourage bird life/air quality. Its funds are raised privately – from individuals/residents, commercial organisations, et cetera, and grant-making trusts. The Trust works in close co-operation with Westminster City Council.

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