Devonshire Street and New Cavendish Street Tree Phases Launched

We are delighted to announce that Devonshire Street and New Cavendish Streets will be included in the Initiative’s programme for street tree planting in Marylebone.  Fund raising for this endeavour will begin immediately with the intention that the trees for the street can arrive within the next planting season (subject to survey and local authority consent).  The objective will be to plant approximately 50 trees on both Devonshire Street (phase 5) and New Cavendish Street (phase 6).  We are grateful for the enthusiastic support we have received from the members of the Marylebone Association at the organisation’s recent Annual General Meeting.  Furthermore, the Initiative and Westminster Tree Trust have now been selected in the local charity programmes of Sainsburys (Great Portland Street) and Waitrose (Marylebone High Street).   The support of these local stakeholders is most appreciated.

A grant application has been submitted by the Westminster Tree Trust to the Greater London Authority for the planting of fifty trees down the length of Devonshire Street.  Paul Akers, Westminster City Council’s Arboricultural Manager, will also be presenting an associated dossier to Westminster’s Street Improvement Review Scheme (SIRG) for their approval.

The focus on biodiversity and the ‘greening’ of Marylebone continues to gain momentum.  A thought provoking article on this subject was recently published in the Marylebone Journal.  The author, Sybil Kapoor, writes that just because Marylebone is in central London, there’s no reason for it to be shut off from nature. She also goes on to investigate how to go about making it a greener, wilder, more bio-diverse area.

Please click on the magazine cover image below to read Sybil’s article.

The W1W Tree Planting Initiative’s success would not have been possible without extremely generous donations from the local community / businesses, and contributions from Westminster Tree Trust, GroundWork London, together with financial support from Westminster City Council.

Barren views over Devonshire Street and New Cavendish Street in late spring 2010

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