Ideas and details for Fitzrovia Forest South sprout

The southern side of Fitzrovia has had very little street improvement for many years. While the ORB project (Oxford Street, Regents Street and Bond Street) is improving almost all the other areas off Oxford Street, there are no public improvement works planned for these streets.  Meanwhile, Crossrail and the Middlesex Hospital site, between which this area is sandwiched, involve extensive works and changes, none of which are programmed to improve the streetscape of these streets.  Local businesses and residents can make this into a reality only by getting behind initiatives specifically focussed here.  This local street tree project is one such initiative.

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The possibility of planting trees on Newman Street, Eastcastle Street, Berners Street and Wells Street is now being evaluated.   It is hoped that approximately 40 trees on sites chosen to enhance the appearance of key streets and in particular of certain local long vistas (e.g. Berners Street North-South, Eastcastle Street West-East) will be possible.  It is an initiative supported by local residents and businesses including those in Berners Place, Newman Street, Eastcastle Street, Berners Street.

This initiative is part of the Fitzrovia Forest project which supports efforts to improve the public realm of this entire area which is bounded by Oxford Street, Euston Road, Portland Place, Cleveland Street and Rathbone Place.

This proposal builds on the work previously carried out by Arup and Streettrees which was referred to as the Fitzrovia Urban Forest.  Now that East Marylebone has joined West Marylebone in starting tree planting in earnest, this scheme has a greater chance of success by being linked with schemes in neighbouring streets.

Please contact for further information.

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