Proposal made to complete Marylebone central tree grid by 2012

The Initiative has made a  proposal to Westminster City Council to plant seventy trees on nine Marylebone Streets during 2011-2012.   The resulting tree lines will complete our work on the Central Marylebone Green Grid.   Fund raising from the local community has now begun in earnest in order to help achieve this goal.

Tree planting map 2011-12 in Marylebone

Proposed 2011-12 tree planting in Central and East Marylebone

The Marylebone Green Grid and Fitzrovia Forest in London wide context

The streetscape of this area is mostly treeless and of a hard-built environment deprived of much open public space or greenery.   Within this area there are numerous educational buildings including various nurseries, schools, colleges and university facilities along with a number of churches and a synagogue.

The streets to the east and north of BBC’s Broadcasting House are within this scope of this planting scheme.  Furthermore, two hospitals are located on streets where plantings have been proposed.

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For more information to how to support this endeavour by making a donation to Phase 7 or 8 of this tree planting project, please click on the icon below.

Phase 7 Tree Sponsorship Form

Phase 8 Tree Sponsorship Form

Marylebone streets included in Phase 7 and 8 of the Initiative include:

Langham Street, Gildea Street, Hallam Street (south end), Marylebone Street, Beaumont Street, Westmoreland Street, Duchess Street, Queen Anne Street, Mansfield Street.

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