2012: Scores of New Trees Planted in West Marylebone

11 June 2012 – Giorgio Locatelli planted an elm tree outside his eponymous restaurant on Seymour Street (by Portman Square) in celebration of the 119 new trees being planted in West Marylebone early 2012.  The planting took place in the presence of The Lord Mayor of Westminster Cllr Angela Harvey and Moy Scott, Vice Chair of Westminster Tree Trust.

By Spring 2012, we had the pleasure of seeing trees planted on Crawford Street, Gloucester Place, Bryanston Street, George Street, Seymour Place, Seymour Street and  Wigmore Street in Marylebone.

We are most grateful for the generous support this campaign has received from local residents and businesses, The Portman Estate and Westminster City Council.

LOVE OF TREES – by Tony Frazer-Price

West Marylebone celebrates with the Lord Mayor Cllr Angela Harvey and Giorgio Locatelli the planting of 144 new trees in the neighbourhood

I got involved with the West Marylebone tree project by way of Sybil Kapoor whose amazing enthusiasm got our tree fever vision off the ground.

I certainly can’t lay claim to the five hundred trees that are now planted around Marylebone but just those that now line Crawford Street. The target was 39 trees with birches either end of Crawford Street and olive trees  in the middle section to match the thriving olive trees that were planted outside Clarewood Court a few years ago.

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Sybil and I found great enthusiasm for the idea of olive trees and birches abounding the pavements of Crawford Street and there were twenty-one donations from businesses,mansion blocks and individuals who gladly gave over £5,000 so that they could be part of the tree heritage that will grow and grow.

In West Marylebone we are now blessed with trees and I even got involved in a tree planting ceremony – there’s a first for my CV – with the Councillor Angela Harvey, the Lord Mayor of Westminster and Giorgio Locatelli when a tree was planted outside his restaurant.

Crawford Street street scene in Spring 2012

Time to reflect on the comforting reality that as we and our families put down roots in this lovely area of London so do our trees. They will keep on growing and prospering as well as be there for all to enjoy for years to come.  Now that the Westminster Tree Trust has started this initiative I hope, that in years to come, not only will residents continue to enjoy our trees but ensure that others grow alongside them.


Tony Frazer-Price

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