2015 Marylebone & Fitzrovia Tree Planting Update

Progress note: We have received the good news from Westminster’s Arboricultural Department that trees have now been added to Marylebone Street, Nottingham Street and Wheatley Street.


The trees on Marylebone’s Nottingham Street were planted in 2014

We are looking to see if trees are possible on sections of Newman Street, Mortimer Street, Manchester Street and Wigmore Street.

All tree planting is subject to local authority survey and consent.

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1 Response to 2015 Marylebone & Fitzrovia Tree Planting Update

  1. John Reilly says:

    Good to get this encouraging update and to see that this marvellous programme is continuing. I for one, am very grateful to Westminster and to all those in the Tree Planting Committee for all you do on our behalf, to make our neighborhood both more beautiful, and healthy….John Reilly

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