Trees Arrive on Hallam Street in Marylebone, London W1

Marylebone, 5 June 2009 — Phase 1 of the W1W Street Tree Initiative Completed

Local residents recently celebrated the completion of the first phase of the W1W Tree Planting Initiative with the planting of forty chanticleer pear trees.  The trees now line the entire length of Hallam Street up to the BBC’s new Broadcasting House facility.  This success is the result of a partnership between Westminster City Council, Westminster Tree Trust, and local residents and businesses.

Mathew Wright of Channel 5 TV plants the last tree in Hallam Street, Marylebone

The occasion was marked by the unveiling of a commemorative plaque by Deputy Lord Mayor Councillor Alan Bradley and the ceremonial planting of a tree by Matthew Wright of Channel 5 TV and the BBC on Friday 5th of June.  The planting was made with the help of children from the International Community School in Marylebone before a large group of well wishers from the local area.  Please click on the images below for the photo journal of the event.

Speech on Hallam Street Mayor City of Westminster

Deputy Lord Mayor Deputy Lord Mayor Councillor Alan Bradley addresses the crowd at Hallam Street planting

There have also been many calls for similar schemes to establish street trees on the adjoining Weymouth, Devonshire, New Cavendish and Great Portland Streets.  Interested residents and businesses will now work to see if this current success will be implemented elsewhere in their neighbourhood, subject to survey and all necessary consents.

Over 40 new trees have now been planted on Hallam Street

The chanticleer pear trees are well suited for their new home on Hallam Street as they have an excellent leaf retention span, retain their compact shap Their roots spread horizontally, rather than vertically, and therefore can usually be planted over cellars.e and do not encroach upon buildings.Furthermore, they require a minimum of only 18 inches of soil in which to grow.

New pear trees arrive on Hallam Street in Marylebone

The Hallam Street stage would also not have been possible without the support received from Westminster Council and Westminster Tree Trust.   The Initiative was most grateful for the generous financial contributions made to it by the residents and businesses of 10 Weymouth St, Weymouth Court, Stone House, Hallam Court, 47 Hallam Street, Cavendish Conferences Centres, Weymouth House, Goodwood Court, de Walden Court, and 94 New Cavendish Street.

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