Trees picket Marylebone Road pollution

The W1W Tree Planting Initiative has been in contact with Transport for London (TfL) seeking to mitigate the environmental impact of traffic of the Marylebone Road and Euston Roads on our neighbouring area.

Relentless traffic on the Euston Road heavy traffic as seen from Cleveland St

The Initiative has been working to implement a Central Marylebone Green Grid in the area between Edgware Road and Tottenham Court Road.  By the end of Spring 2012, the Initiative expects to have planted 500 trees in the area — many of these are within the boundaries of the Clean Air Fund corridor.

Map NO2 Pollution from traffic around Marylebone and Westminster

Tree planting in Marylebone mitigates the impact of road pollution in our area

We hope that TfL will help fund further planting of trees along neighbourhood roads that are most impacted by the pollution of the Marylebone and Euston Roads.

Potential streets that could be planted – within 50 yards of the Marylebone Road:

1. Lisson Grove
2. Seymour Place
3. Harewood Avenue
4.  Upper Montagu Street
5.  Balcombe Street  from Marylebone Road up to Dorset Square
6.  Gloucester Place- South of Marylebone Road
7.  Gloucester Place- North of Marylebone Road
8.  Baker Street
9.  Allsop Place
10 Chiltern Street
11. Luxborough Street
12. Nottingham Place
13. Cleveland Street – west side of street

Further details regarding this development will follow.

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