Work for trees begin at the north end of Cleveland Street

Cleveland Street is an historic Fitzrovian road which lies at the edge of London’s bustling West End.  It is a high density residential, mixed usage street sitting astride the borough borders of Westminster and Camden.   Local environmental pollution is a serious concern for residents.

At its north end, Cleveland Street runs into Euston Road/Marylebone Road (A40 Westway) which has the notoriety of  being one of the most highly polluted traffic arteries, (not only of London but of Europe!) particularly high in nitrogen dioxide, sulphur dioxide, ozone and diesel soot particles.   Neighbouring Bolsover Street, which also runs into the Euston Road, was successfully tree lined in early 2011.

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In tests carried out by the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP,) both Marylebone Road and Camden have the dubious distinction of being named as Britain’s worst “hotspots” for dangerous levels of diesel pollution.  Local area 2011’s total pollution limits were reached by April – within 4 months – meaning that pollution is 3 times higher than is legally permitted!

This is negatively affecting the health and even the mortality of local residents. Camden’s statistics demonstrate without question that life expectancy is significantly reduced for residents south of the Euston Road.

Efforts, through this major tree planting project, are being made to mitigate the impact of the pollution and noise emanating daily from tens of thousands of vehicle exhausts mere metres away from residential homes.  It is expected that tree planting on a significant scale may help shield local residents from some of the consequences of living so close to this very busy London thoroughfare, and help to improve air quality.

Local residents have prepared a dossier of tree site positions based on neighbourhood watch street improvement proposals (June 2007), ongoing consultations, mobilisations against early morning speeding traffic noise and a vote to campaign for more local greenery and open nature space (2011).

Howard House (Cleveland Street) residents have also been active campaigning for more greenery around where they live. For more information on these endeavours please see:

If you would like to support efforts to green this section of Cleveland Street or if you need more information about this project please contact us. If you’d like to donate money towards planting a tree on our streets, just click below to download a donation form.   All contributions, large or small will help us achieve our goal.

All tree planting is subject to local authority survey and consent.

Fitzrovian Tree Sponsorship Form

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