About Us

The W1W Tree Planting Initiative’s aim is to line the main streets of  Marylebone with trees.  The idea for this ‘local’ tree planting project originated in the heart of the community – residents and businesses – then joined by Westminster Tree Trust – a registered charity run entirely by volunteers – and Westminster City Council, all working in partnership together.


The W1W Tree Planting Initiative:
Mark Gazaleh, Co-ordinator —  E-mail: w1w.trees@live.co.uk

Westminster Tree Trust: www.westmtreetrust.org
Peter Ruback, Chairman — E-mail: westminstertreetrust@hotmail.com

Westminster City Council: www.westminster.gov.uk
Paul Akers, Arboricultural Manager — E-mail: pakers@westminster.gov.uk

West Marylebone Tree Initiative:  west marylebone trees
Rosemary Forgan
, Co-ordinator —  E-mail: RosemaryForgan@gmail.com

Pick battles big enough to matter, but small enough to win.    Kozol, Jonathan

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