50 Elms planted in Marylebone and Fitzrovia supporting Ulmus Londonium Project


The W1W Street Tree Initiative supports the aim of the Ulmus Londinium Project to return elm trees to London.  A great many elm trees were lost in the 1970s to Dutch Elm Disease.  The Ulmus Londonium Project has sought to reverse the losses.


Our first two first elms were planted by Alan Titchmarsh on Bolsover Street in 2011.  Elm trees had originally grown nearby until they were removed at the end of the 1800’s.   By Spring 2013, Westminster City Council has planted over 50 Dutch Elm Disease resistant trees in suitable locations all across Marylebone.

The distribution of the new elm trees is as follows:

Bolsover Street               elm              2                 2011

Mansfield Street             elm              4                 2012

George Street                 elm             28                2013

Seymour Street              elm             11                2012

Bryanston Street            elm              5                2013

                                       Total           50

This is a wonderful result for all involved.

To see the London’s elm numbers grow further do visit the Natural History Museum’s online tree map which shows the Ulmus Londinium project’s progress.

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