Marylebone’s Beaumont Street now lined with 14 Amelanchier trees

Another Marylebone Tree Planting phase was completed successfully today on Beaumont Street.  Lord Glenarthur, Chairman, dug in a tree and unveiled a plaque thanking the Consultants at King Edward VII’s Hospital for sponsoring the 5 Amelanchier trees recently planted outside the Hospital.  Peter Ruback, Chairman of the Westminster Tree Trust, who was also present mentioned how pleased the Trust has been to plant so many trees near hospitals in Marylebone and Fitzrovia.

Lord Glenarthur plants the untimate Amelanchier tree in front of King Edward VII Hospital in Marylebone

Lord Glenarthur plants the ultimate Amelanchier tree in front of King Edward VII Hospital in Marylebone

A total of 14 trees have been planted on the Beaumont Street by the W1W Tree Planting Initiative.  The Initiative has planted over 500 trees in the neighbourhood since 2009 in order to support the Central London Green Grid.  The Initiative has proven extremely successful thanks to a strong partnership between the local community — residents and businesses, Westminster Tree Trust and Westminster City Council.


We are especially grateful to Westminster City Council’s Arboricultural Department for the wonderful support provided to the project.

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